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Welcome to the new SGPS website!

The site is still under construction as we are slowly adding archival information.

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The SGPS E-Newsletter 0190 is ready!

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In this edition:

  • SGPS July Events
  • SGPS Social & Athletic Events
  • Health & Dental Prices for 2016/2017
  • SGPS Special Awards Standing Committee
  • Summer Music Camps
  • Graduate Mentor Program
  • Dissertation on the Lake
  • Senate Residence Committee Call
  • Queen’s Paid Research Studies
  • SGPS Health & Dental Plan – Fees
  • SGPS Health & Dental Plan – Making Claims


Canada Post Labour Disruption & Claim Reimbursement

As you may already know, there could be a labour disruption at Canada Post. This would mean that if you are not currently set up for direct deposit for Health and Dental claim reimbursement, you will not receive reimbursement until after the labour dispute is settled.

If you have already set yourself up for direct deposit reimbursement you have nothing to worry about.

If you haven’t set yourself up for direct deposit reimbursement, click here for instructions on how to do so.

If you experience any issues setting up direct deposit or any issues receiving payment after you set up direct deposit, please contact our Health and Dental provider (RWAM) directly at 1-877-888-7926

SGPS E-Newsletter 0189

The SGPS E-Newsletter 0189 is ready!

Remember, if you want to unsubscribe to the newsletter, please use the links provided at the bottom. The SGPS cannot directly unsubscribe you. The only way to do it is through the provided links. If that does not work please contact Queen’s ITS at 613.533.6666

In this edition:

  • Health & Dental Prices for 2016/2017
  • International Students’ Standing Committee
  • SGPS Special Awards Standing Committee
  • SGPS Social & Athletic Events
  • Senate Resident Committee Call
  • Summer Music Camps



Have you ever played paintball with 48 people? The SGPS is hosting a paintball event on Sunday, June 26th at Ground Zero Paintball. We will organize everyone into groups and play on a few different speciality fields!!

The SGPS will provide free transportation on a bus that leaves at 11am from the JDUC on Sunday morning and picks us up at Ground Zero at 4 pm.

You will just have to buy your tickets from us at the link provided for 25 dollars. This includes the gear, the day pass, and 300 paintballs. Note, that this does not include overalls. You can rent these for 2 dollars at the venue. However, the paintballs are washable.

( https://www.tilt.com/tilts/sgps-paintball-430a2385?invite=CNVD906F73FCF0C43D092BA93BD75029962&utm_source=email&utm_medium=invite2&utm_term=inviteflow&utm_content=cta&utm_campaign=notification )

SEATS ARE LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THAT CAN FIT ON THE BUS. Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis.

There are some important things to consider for this event.

1. We will not be providing food or beverages. It is a good idea to bring a water bottle and something to snack on.
2. Paintballs can sometimes leave welts or bruises. You will have to sign to waivers to assume the responsibility of injury. You will have to sign the first waiver before you enter the bus, and the second waiver at the venue.
3. Probably a good idea to wear clothing that you aren’t afraid will get dirty or damaged.
4. You must be 18 or older to come. Note, that you are welcome to bring friends or a +1.

The biggest thing is that we have a bunch of fun. We are all super busy with lab work and thesis writing – but it’s important to get out of the office to play with good friends.

Do us a favor and share this event with your friends so we can reach out to as many grad students as possible.

See you there!

ZOMBIES! (The Game)

Zombie ApocalypseThe apocalypse has started! Zombies have risen and now it’s your job to make it to safety. How will you do it?

Join the SGPS for an afternoon of fun, intellectual and physical challenges, and preparation for the zombie apocalypse. Participants should meet at 545 outside the GRAD CLUB. This event is a Live Action Role Play! It will be facilitated by the two organizers who will help build the world around you and provide you with challenging ethical decisions as you go about surviving the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

18+ only!


Dice & Conquest: SGPS Boardgame Night at The Grad Club

TONIGHT the SGPS will be hosting a board game night at The Grad Club. We will have a variety of games, including Catan, Betrayal at House on the Haunted Hill, Arkham Horror, and a few others. This not at your pace? Bring along your own board game and we will try to find players to play with you. Come out and roll some dice, drop some sweet cards and combos, and join us for some laughs.
Where: Grad Club 162 Barrie Street
When: Tonight, June 1
Time: 5 pm – 9 pm

Office Closure

The SGPS office will be closed at noon today.

We will reopen tomorrow at 9:30AM.

Thank you for your understanding!

EVENT CANCELLATION – SGPS Sc1-f1 Disco and Speed Meeting

We regret to inform you all that the event did not sell enough tickets or have enough people RSVP to function properly. It will be cancelled. If you have any feedback, please feel free to message our Social Commssioner (Kyle Curlew) on Facebook or send an email (social@sgps.ca). Stay tuned for more events next month (p.s. paintball is in the works).