SGPS Health and Dental Plan 2016-2017

For all information about coverage check out

There have been changes to the opt in and opt out procedures for the SGPS Health and Dental plan.

Coverage has changed to the All or Nothing approach. SGPS Members may no longer opt into just health or just dental coverage. You must opt into both. Students may no longer opt-out of just health or just dental coverage. You must be able to provide proof of alternative coverage for both options to be able to opt opt. For more information on opting out, check out

Students may opt in a dependent (s) or themselves into health and dental coverage from August 15th to September 29th, only. Students must check their optional fee statement for health and dental coverage automatically charged on their Fall 2016 statement on SOLUS before they inquire about opting in, to save being charged twice.
There is now a hard deadline for opting into the plan (including opting in dependents). All opt-ins must be done in the SGPS Main Office by 4:30 PM Friday September 29th. There will be no exceptions.
We can no longer accept cheques as payment for opting in. We are now able to take debit, Visa or MasterCard in our Main Office. Dependents that are opted into the plan will be active on the plan by the first week of October.

As always, there is a hard deadline for opting out of the plan. You can only opt out from September 1st to Septemeber 30th. There will be no exceptions. To opt out, please go to

Check out the infographics below for more information about the plan, including prices and what the plan gives you. If you have any questions, please contact the SGPS via email at or by phone at 613.533.2924

Travel Insurance Infographic

Health and Dental Infographic