Departmental/Faculty Society Registration

To get to the Departmental/Faculty Student Society Registration Form, please click here. Not sure if your Departmental/Faculty Student Society is registered? Click here.
Please note that the form must be submitted by 11:59pm on Thursday, July 21th, 2016 in order for you to potentially receive sanctioning for your Orientation Week events.

If you have any questions or concerns about the form or the process, please contact

Q: “Why should our department/faculty form a Departmental/Faculty Student Society?”

A: There are many reasons for your department to form a Departmental/Faculty Student Society! It allows for you to band together around important departmental/faculty issues and also creates a social outlet for everyone in your department. Not to mention holding an Executive position looks great on CV!

Q:”How can our Departmental/Faculty form a Student Society?”

The very first thing you are going to need is a constitution and, if required, other guiding documents.

Your constitution should, at minimum, contain the following information:

  • the name of your Student Society
  • the purposes of your Society
  • who is allowed membership into your Society and their rights as members
  • what positions are involved in your Executive (i.e. President, Treasurer, etc.) and what duties are assigned to the position
  • a tentative meeting schedule
  • how will you hold elections and how long will Executive terms be (date to date)
  • how can your constitution be adopted and amended

Other items you may consider adding may include guidelines for selecting a representative to SGPS Council or other bodies outside your immediate Society such as departmental committees.

For some examples of Graduate Student Societies constitutions, please check out the following links:

Q: “Our department is so tiny that every student would have to hold a position on a Student Society if we were to create one!”

The SGPS is aware that many of our members come from departments with small SGPS member populations. It is in fact possible for several of these departments to group together to create a cognate society. Reach out to your colleagues from different departments to see if this option may work for you.

Q: “Our department already has a Student Society? How would registering with the SGPS benefit us?”

Existing Departmental/Faculty Student Societies would be given access to the SGPS Event Sanctioning system. This would allow for society events to be covered under SGPS insurance, should they receive approval.

If your Student Society does not hold events that would require insurance, there are still benefits to registering with the SGPS – namely, it would provide a direct line of communication between the organizational arm of the SGPS and your group. Currently, we sporadically send information to Departmental/Faculty Coordinators but we would like to send it directly to your Student Society. Another benefit is that it provides a more solid connection between your SGPS Council rep and the rest of the organization.

In sum, greater communication and access for all!

Q: “Would registering with the SGPS cause any changes to our pre-existing Student Society structure or constitution?”

Your Student Society will remain autonomous from the SGPS and the SGPS will not involve itself in your governance structure.

There is a possibility that in future we may look at tying SGPS Council to Departmental/Faculty Student Societies (i.e. departmental reps to Council being elected through Student Societies) in order to provide a clear path of communication between Council and your Student Society. That said, there is no formal plan at this time and it is just an idea at this stage.

Q: “What happens if we don’t create a Student Society or do not register?”

Any events you have will not be insured. You will not be covered under the SGPS insurance and you will not be covered by Queen’s insurance. All liability will fall upon the individuals running the event.

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