SGPS Activity Fees

Activity Fees
Student activity fees are established by campus-wide referenda. Student activity and faculty society fees are assessed to students registered on-campus in the School of Graduate Studies and Research, the School of Religion, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Education. The SGPS Health and Dental Plan fees are assessed in September only and only to on-campus students. MBA students are assessed undergraduate fees.


    • Students registered off-campus.
    • Senior Citizens (age 65 or older).
    • M.Ed and MPA students admitted part-time. Part-time students in other programs are assessed full Student Activity Fees.
    • Qualifying students whose course load is less than 2.0.
    • Students registered in some “special” programs.

Types of Activity Fees

      • Mandatory Student Activity Fees
      • Optional Student Activity Fees
      • SGPS Health Plan and Dental Plan

SGPS Activity Fees 2016-2017

SGPS Summer Activity Fees for B.ED Candidates starting May 2016

SGPS Activity Fees for 2015-2016

SGPS Activity Fees for 2014/2015

Student Activity Fee Refund Policy
Students who formally complete their degree program or withdraw from the University must submit their student card to the Office of the University Registrar, Gordon Hall, room 125 in order to obtain a refund of student activity fees.

Mandatory activity fees are refunded per the following schedule:

Complete or Withdraw By Amount of Refund
September 30 100%
January 31 50%
After February 1 0%

Optional activity fees (including the health and dental plan fees) will be refunded in full if you complete or withdraw by September 30th.
If you complete after September 30th, your health and dental and optional fees will not be refunded.