Athletics Commissioner

Lindsay Ruiter

Come to Lindsay with all of your athletic needs for you and your departments. She is the person to come to with ideas for new activities and sports, and she will gladly help you set up any new ideas you may have.

International Commissioner

Atul Jaiswal

See Atul if you are an International Student with any issues within the SGPS. He is here to advocate for, and communicate opportunities to all SGPS International Students.

Equity & Diversity Commissioner

Kelly Watson

Speak to Kelly if you have any questions related to Equity and Diversity in relation to all issues the SGPS is involved in. If you are looking for resources, or more information, please feel free to contact her, and she will set you up with what you need.

Social Commissioner

Martyna Kamela

Reach out to Martyna if you have any issues with SGPS Social activities, or would like advice on planning your own departmental social gatherings. The Social Commissioner is here to make things as fun as possible for all members.