Fee Referendum Information 2017-2018


Fee Name Eligibility Class Category Fee Amount Information Package
Ban Righ Centre University/AMS Mandatory $3.00 BR_1718FR_Redacted
Centre for Teaching and Learning University/AMS Mandatory $1.35 CLT_1718FR
Camp Outlook External Optional $1.00 CO_1718FR_Redacted
Campus Observation Room University/AMS Mandatory $0.50 COR_1718FR
HIV/AIDS Regional Services (HARS) External Optional $1.00 HARS_1718FR_Redacted
Levana Gender Advocacy Centre External Optional $0.90 LGAC_1718FR_Redacted
Queen’s Clubs SGPS Mandatory $5.00 QC_1718FR_Redacted
Queen’s Daycare Centre External Optional $1.00 QD_1718FR_Redacted
Queen’s Legal Aid University/AMS Mandatory $5.00 QLA_1718FR_Redacted
Oxfam Queen’s Club Optional $0.87 QO_1718FR_Redacted
Reelout Arts Project Inc. External Optional $1.77 REELOUT_1718FR_Redacted
Sexual Assault Centre Kingston External Optional $1.00 SACK_1718FR_Redacted
Student Wellness Services (Health and Counselling) University/AMS Mandatory $58.93 SWS_1718FR
Telephone Aid Line Kingston External Optional $0.75 TALK_1718FR_Redacted
Union Gallery External Optional $3.00 UG_1718FR_Redacted
Walkhome University/AMS Mandatory $19.86 WH_1718FR_Redacted