Adam Grotsky

The SGPS President represents graduate and professional students at various committee levels. The President is the SGPS’ primary representative on senior administrative bodies. The President’s role is to bring forward the realities of graduate and professional students to Queen’s senior administrators and their partners, including at Senate, the Board of Trustees, and University Council.
As the first point of contact for the SGPS Executive, the President also promotes the visibility of the organization, with the short- and long-term vision for the organization as a whole in mind. Working alongside the remainder of the SGPS Executive and the SGPS permanent staff, the President ensures the viability and sustainability of the SGPS.

VP Community

Tyler Morrison

The SGPS holds a dual mandate: to offer services, and to advocate for its members. The VP Community fosters relationships between community partners and the SGPS membership. In sum, this role is responsible for representing the interests of the organization and our members within bodies external to the University.

VP Graduate

Stéphy McKnight

The VP Graduate (VPG) position was created in recognition of graduate students’ needs, which are at times distinct from the needs of professional students. The VPG is responsible for representing graduate students’ needs and interests at the internal level as well as on various University committees and external bodies.
The VPG oversees the SGPS Student Advisor Program, an essential service for SGPS members. The Student Advisor program offers advice and advocacy services to graduate and professional students on issues concerning their well-being while here at Queen’s.
The VPG is the main point-of-contact between graduate students and the School of Graduate Studies.

VP Finance and Services

Lauren Peacock

The operations of the SGPS are made possible through student activity fees. The VP Finance & Services (VPFS) ensures that our members’ fees are fairly and responsibly collected and allocated. The budget, which is prepared by the VPFS, must reflect the needs of SGPS members, and it undergoes review and approval at SGPS Council. A significant component of SGPS operations is to deliver services to the membership.
The VPFS also works closely with the SGPS permanent staff to coordinate the services offered through the SGPS, including but not limited to the health & dental plan and bursaries.

VP Professional

Russell Durward

The VP Professional (VPP) position was created in recognition of professional students’ needs, which are at times distinct from the needs of graduate students. The VPP is responsible for representing professional students’ needs and interests at the internal level as well as on various University committees. The VPP is also tasked with doing outreach to professional students, who may be isolated in pockets by virtue of the nature of their professional degrees.
The VPP also oversees Human Resources alongside the Executive Director of the SGPS. As such, the VPP is responsible for hiring, dismissing, supervising and evaluating SGPS employees.