Grants Program

Before you apply please click here to read the application guide for the SGPS Grants Program so that you can familiarize yourself with the process.

Grant Request Form

  • The SGPS is proud to support member-run initiatives and organizations on the Queen's campus with their events, activities, and projects. Please read the application guide for full eligibility details before applying.

Enhancing Student Life

  • The SGPS Grants program requires that all successful applications demonstrably enhance student life on campus. This condition is satisfied if the committee is convinced that:
    1. The event/project/activity is located on the Queen’s Campus
    2. The event/project/activity demonstrably involves SGPS members, and is open to all SGPS members to participate
    3. The event/project/activity provides a tangible benefit to SGPS members and either creates experiential opportunities for students, encourages fair debate, and provides a unique learning opportunity for SGPS members

Financial Information

  • The budget submitted with the application must include official quotes or receipts from purchased supplies. Please refer to the application guide for an ideal sample budget.