SGPS Event Sanctioning

Please note, only Departmental / Faculty Student Societies registered with the SGPS can receive event sanctioning. Please see this list of registered Departmental / Faculty Student Societies. If your group is not present, you are not eligible for SGPS event sanctioning.

Also note, even if your group is present you still have to complete an event sanctioning application for each event you are hosting in order to potentially receive sanctioning.

What is the event sanctioning and why is it important?
The SGPS has been asked by its insurers to put in place more formal processes for the management of risk and liability potentially arising from events held by SGPS members. The SGPS wants to support our membership in pursuing safe and inclusive activities that better their time spent at Queen’s. This event sanctioning system creates an environment in which our members can have fun and become engaged while under the protection of their student government.

If your event is approved, then any potential liability or harm arising should be covered by the SGPS through its insurance policy for this purpose, subject to conduct outside of what is reasonably foreseeable. However, if approval is not obtained, and the event proceeds then the individual student organizers bear the risk of harm and liability arising from the event.

The process helps event organizers to manage the risks of their own events and protects SGPS members by insuring sanctioned events with the SGPS, removing legal liability of event organizers for claims in negligence or arising from another cause of action.

What events have to be sanctioned?
Any group planning to hold an event or activity that involves SGPS members in an official capacity (i.e. as representatives of their academic departments/faculties) is strongly recommended that the group have its event sanctioned. These events can include, but are not limited to, activities involving: alcohol, physical activity, personal safety, travel on campus and off campus, student and community relations on campus and off campus, and food being served or sold at the event.

How do events become sanctioned?
The first step in having an event or sanctioned is to fill out the SGPS Event Sanctioning Form. Once your Departmental/Faculty Society registers with the SGPS you will be given access to said form. The form requires several lines and boxes to be filled in with all relevant information relating to the event. This information includes an itinerary and all details relating to group makeup, alcohol consumption, transportation, physical activity, community relations, food, level of risk, or location of events. The Director of the SGPS will review the form in consultation with the SGPS’ Assistant Director of Logistics and the SGPS insurer. Together they will assess the level of risk inherent to the event and will prescribe the steps that should be taken to reasonably manage this risk.

How long does it take to receive approval?
It depends on the event, but events must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks before the scheduled date so that event organizers can address contigencies, should there by any, in a timely manner.

Can we book venues, equipment, etc. prior to receiving sanctioning?
No you cannot. You cannot sign a contract for anything regarding your event until said contract is approved by the Andria Burke <> as any and all contracts bind the SGPS as your insurer. Contracts signed without SGPS approval will not receive event sanctioning or will have your sanctioning revoked.

I have more questions. Who should I contact?
Andria Burke <> will be able to assist you.