Scavenger Hunt Grad School in the Time of Corona

September 13, 2020 9 AM – 11:59 PM

Don't forget!

All responses must be sent to

Responses posted to social media will not be accepted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

The Rules

  1. Find each of the items on the list, take pictures, compile and submit via email to
  2. 5 points per picture (2 bonus points available for some questions, as indicated below).

Hurry…the competition closes at midnight.

The Prizes

Six $25.00 gift cards to the campus bookstore up for grabs!

The List

  1. Take a picture of your queen’s acceptance letter (bonus points if you recreate the face you made when you received the letter).
  2. Find and upload your favorite picture of one of Queen’s University’s Six Libraries (Psst… one of them has a ‘Harry Potter’ room)
  3. Show us your favorite book
  4. Find and upload a screenshot of one of the services provided by the Human Rights and Equity Office at Queen’s (By the way, this is your #1 resource for human rights issues on campus)
  5. Upload a picture of the school where you did your undergrad
  6. Find and upload the name of the Inclusion and Anti-racism Advisor at Queen’s University
  7. Find and upload a picture of one of the executive members from the SGPS website (check out the virtual welcome video while you’re there to learn about your student government)
  8. Upload a picture of your favorite flag
  9. Find and upload a picture of the Kingston City Hall
  10. Show us your face mask
  11. Find and upload a picture of the 2020-2021 School of Graduate Studies calendar from the Queen’s university website (tip – bookmark and hold on to this for future reference).
  12. Share your favorite quarantine meme
  13. Share a picture of your department website’s homepage
  14. Find and share a picture of the Athletic and Recreation Centre (ARC) (while you’re there, peruse their online programing to stay active this fall)
  15. Email the SGPS Equity and Diversity Commissioner at (, introduce yourself and send a screenshot of her response.
    (Psst, we get it, it’s kind of awkward to randomly email someone you don’t know but don’t worry, here’s a prompt you can use)
    My name is (insert name here) and I am in (this) department. My favorite color/animal/Tv show/singer is (insert here).
    [Add any comments, questions or suggestions here]Best,

That’s it… you’re done hunting!

Don’t forget to collect your pictures and submit them before midnight!

Good Luck!