Statement on the “Bus-It” Referendum Result
February 1, 2018
Statement on the Nullification of the Presidential Election
February 8, 2018
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Statement on the SGPS Presidential Election Results

Kingston, ON – Today, the SGPS Judicial Committee made the following statement:

The Judicial Committee was activated regarding the recent SGPS presidential election. On Wednesday, February 7, 2018, the Judicial Committee nullified the Presidential election, as per SGPS policy. No other election or referenda questions are affected by this decision.

The Committee has now made the following recommendation to SGPS Council:

  • SGPS Council, as the highest elected body of representatives in the SGPS, shall appoint either Stephanie McKnight or Tyler Morrison as the incoming SGPS President at the February 13th Council meeting;
  • Each voting SGPS Councillor shall have one vote, as per SGPS policy;
  • McKnight and Morrison will participate in a 45min debate, followed immediately by a secret ballot vote; and
  • The candidate who receives a simple majority (50% + 1) in the vote shall be selected as the president-elect, subject to subsequent ratification by SGPS Council at that same meeting.

Both McKnight and Morrison have taken a leave of absence from their current SGPS Vice President roles until the Council meeting. Additionally, no campaigning will occur by either candidate during this time, apart from participation in the debate.

The February 13th Council meeting will commence at 5:30pm in Wallace Hall of the JDUC. All students are encouraged to attend and engage with their elected department or program Councillor in this process. We thank you for your time and patience as we move forward.

For questions or concerns, please email Jennifer Williams at

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