Statement on the SGPS Presidential Election Results
February 7, 2018
Updated Statement by the Judicial Committee re: SGPS Presidential Election
February 9, 2018
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Statement on the Nullification of the Presidential Election

Kingston, ON – Today, SGPS President Adam Grotsky made the following statement:

On February 7, 2018, the SGPS Judicial Committee released a statement declaring the results of the presidential election null. The statement also recommended that SGPS Council appoint either Stephanie McKnight or Tyler Morrison as president at its February 13 meeting.

The SGPS relies on the separation of powers between the executive, judicial and legislative branches of our organization – such a system provides indispensable checks and balances on power.

While I accept the authority of the SGPS Judicial Committee to nullify the results of the presidential election, I do not accept its lack of transparency.

A decision that throws aside the will of the student body, in an election that saw the Society’s highest voter turnout on record, must be accompanied by a justification of that decision.

I am calling on the Judicial Committee to release an updated statement that provides a full explanation of the circumstances that resulted in nullification and the reasons for their decision.

I also respectfully disagree with the Judicial Committee’s recommendation to appoint a president through SGPS Council.

As per SGPS Bylaw and Policy, the Judicial Committee is comprised of seven members of SGPS Council. Their decision to have Council select the next president blurs the line between the judicial and legislative branches. SGPS Council cannot act as both judge and jury.

At the start of the February 13 Council meeting, I will call for a by-election to be held between Stephanie McKnight and Tyler Morrison, and I urge Council for their support. A by-election is the only path forward that will confirm the right of the student body to elect its leaders.

The Judicial Committee has the power to nullify the election, but the student body must have the power to choose their president.

Finally, while I encourage debate and welcome criticism, I will not tolerate the harassment of my peers. The behavior and conduct that I have witnessed is not acceptable and does not reflect the student body I am proudly a part of.

I look forward to continuing a respectful dialogue on these important issues.

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