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The SGPS is Leaving Twitter. Let Us Tell You Why.

Social media outreach is one of the most important things we engage in as an organization. We want our members to understand who we are, the services we offer, the events we run, and the advocacy we do and social media provides us with tools to do that.

Twitter has rapidly evolved into a place that not only supports but boosts misinformation and hate speech which is antithetical to our organization’s mandate and the environment of inclusivity, kindness, and respect we continue to build and strive to uphold.

We established our Twitter account in June 2010 and have utilized the service almost daily for the last seven years. It has been an important part of our communication strategy specifically because it has allowed members to quickly connect with us to express their concerns.

Therefore, it was difficult for us to cease posting on Twitter, but we feel it is the only way forward. The @queenssgps account will be locked and no longer monitored. We are choosing not to delete our account because we do not want our username poached and potentially used to further misinformation and hate.

We will be exploring alternatives to Twitter, but given how rapidly this situation has developed, it could be some time before a new platform is embraced en masse. We will continue to supply updates to our membership via Facebook, Instagram, and our bi-weekly newsletter.

As always, you can contact anyone at the SGPS anytime using the information found at