November 18, 2023

SGPS Statement on the Ongoing Conflict in the Middle East

As the situation in Israel and Gaza continues to unfold, the SGPS continues to reflect and work towards ways that we can support our students. Like many of you, we are shocked and horrified my the number of lives lost, displaced and forever altered. The SGPS acknowledges that this conflict has had devastating impacts on Gaza and Israel. We also recognize that the world continues to witness antisemitic, discriminatory, islamophobia, racist and xenophobic acts committed. We condemn any and all forms of antisemitism, disrespect, discrimination, islamophobia, racism, and xenophobia against any individual. The SGPS would also like to take this time to call for an immediate ceasefire. We call for the immediate and unconditional release of all civilians held hostage. We plead for the parties in this conflict to respect their obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law. This includes depriving civilians in Gaza from water, medicine, electricity, fuel, and food. We offer our deepest support and condolences to all members of our community who have been personally affected by this conflict.