September 13, 2022

SGPS Statement on the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

On September 8th Queen Elizabeth II, passed away in Balmoral Castle, Scotland. We understand that losing the only monarch most of our members have ever known has caused sadness among some of our members. However, we also recognize that for others the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II and her legacy can be triggering and a reminder of the hurt that the Crown has caused. If you are struggling with the news of last week, please seek support and reach out to appropriate resources (see some resources at the end of this statement). We also hope that Queen’s University and its faculty, staff, and students take some time following this mourning period to reflect critically on the Crown and it’s colonial and imperial history as well as on its ongoing role in efforts for truth and reconciliation, and decolonialization. Resources Four Direction Indigenous Student Centre Website: Contact: Vanessa McCourt, Indigenous Advisor Address: 146 Barrie Street Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6 Student Wellness Services Website: Contact: 613-533-6000 x78264 Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Address: 146 Stuart Street, Kingston EmpowerMe Website: Contact: 1-844-741-6389 Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) Website: Contact: Address: Mitchell Hall, 208 (2nd floor) SGPS Equity & Diversity Commissioner: SGPS International Commissioner: SGPS Indigenous Liaison: