March 8, 2024

Statement Regarding an Event in the Queen’s Centre on March 4, 2024

The SGPS is aware of an event in the Queens’s Centre on Monday, March 4, 2024, and the distress many of our members have expressed regarding this event.  Neither the SGPS nor the AMS sanctioned this event, as the group involved is not a ratified on-campus club. As the group is external to the university, the Student Life Centre booking platform had limited event information, and the booking process followed Queen’s policies for on-campus events. The group is not affiliated with the SGPS or AMS, so our organizational policies do not bind them.  Queen’s University Policies bind the conduct of unratified groups. The Queen’s policies that govern events include the:  Harassment and Discrimination Prevention and Response Policy;  Free Expression at Queen’s University Policy; and the   Queen’s University Code of Conduct.   If an individual wishes to file a harassment and discrimination report, they can do so through this link. Other resources include the Ombudsperson Office (, the Human Rights and Equity Office ( and the Vice Principal Culture, Equity, and Inclusion. (