July 6, 2023

SGPS Statement Regarding the Attack at the University of Waterloo

The SGPS stands in solidarity with the University of Waterloo community members and condemns the acts of sexual and gender-identity-based violence and hatred. Our thoughts are with all who have been impacted by this attack, including the victims, witnesses, their families, and all members of the queer and gender-diverse community. Incidents such as these underscore the importance of continuing to fight for equality and visibility for all campus community members. No one should be made to feel unsafe at their school or workplace. Unfortunately, we know that attacks such as these are only the most visible examples of the discrimination and hate that is targeted toward marginalized groups, including members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, every day. We also hold space recognizing the impacts of compounding forms of discrimination against those who walk at the intersection of multiple identities. We are committed to making our campus a safe space for everyone and ensuring everyone in our community can live authentic, happy, and safe lives. We encourage anyone who wishes to share and process these recent violent events with the 2SLGBTQ+ community and affirming professionals to join us at Yellow House on Thursday, July 6th, between 2:30 pm and 5 pm. This will be an open space for the community to gather to show care and process this event; 2SLGBTQ+ counsellor Shannon Gendron will facilitate a meditation space for those interested, and support staff will be on hand to connect with anyone who needs support. If you need support, please check out the following links to resources: Click here for a list of On-Campus and Community LGBTQIA2S+ resources Click here for a list of On-Campus and Community Mental Health resources