2023 - 2025 Graduate Student Trustee Election Results


Do you agree to the acclamation of Kana Ogawa to the position of Graduate Student Trustee forthe Society of Graduate and Professional Students at Queen’s University for the 2023 - 2025 term?

Yes 95%
No 5%

Kana Ogawa

Candidate for SGPS Graduate Student Trustee

Having just completed my undergraduate education at Queen’s, I am well versed in the student environment and understand the diversity of perspectives within the community. As I continue my studies at Queen’s as a first-year master’s student in Translational Medicine, I want to ensure that the voices of my peers are heard, respected, and amplified.

Being a Graduate Student Trustee allows for the unique opportunity to frequently engage with decision makers of the University to vote for big-picture issues that will impact many future individuals. In this role, I promise to be a representative for all graduate and professional students to push forward changes that would benefit their interests and alleviate their concerns.

For example, one problem that I am strongly passionate about is food insecurity at Queen’s. I will work closely with members of the University to advocate for sustainable and equitable solutions to this struggle, to ultimately strengthen the community’s social safety network. I believe in the importance of transparency towards authentically expressing student thoughts, thus, my pillar will be focused on active student engagement and open communication.

My relevant experience comes from being involved in multiple extracurriculars that has allowed me to hone my leadership skills, including being the Save The Mother’s Vice-President, HOSA Queen’s Co-President, and Queen’s Science Undergraduate Research Journal Co-Editor in Chief. Moreover, as a member of the of the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) Student Council as the Services Commissioner, I dutifully represented undergraduate students in the Arts & Science community and oversaw the operation of all services put in place to enhance the student experience. There, I was exposed to the structure of governance and was able to cultivate my ability to interact with a diverse range of individuals, which would be useful for this role.

The SGPS is pleased to announce a by-election period for the position of Graduate Student Trustee.

The Graduate Student Trustee is elected to a two year term to represent graduate and professional students to the Board of Trustees–one of the chief governing bodies for Queen’s University, responsible for all financial and strategic matters, as well as the hiring of the Principal and Vice-Principals).

They are one of only 3 students who sit on the Board of Trustees, and the only one who’s job it is to specifically represent graduate and professional students. The other students on the Board are the Undergraduate Student Trustee (who represents the undergraduate students) and the Rector (who represents all students). Every other member of the Board of Trustees represent university staff, faculty, and alumni.

The Board of Trustees meets 4 times a year, so a lot of the work of the Graduate Student Trustee is staying informed on issues in between meetings.

While other trustees sit on the Board due to their professional experience or financial knowledge, it is the job of the Graduate Student Trustee to offer a student perspective.

In addition to sitting on the Board of Trustees, the Graduate Student Trustee sits on various sub-committees of the Board.

The Board of Trustees votes on issues ranging from the university’s budget to the large scale projects.

Being the Graduate Student Trustee requires big picture, long term thinking, as many of the things they are voting on will not come to fruition until long after their time as a student is done.

This volunteer position is open to any graduate or professional student at Queen’s University.

Important Dates

Friday, September 1, 2023
12:01 AM
Nomination Period Opens Nomination signature collection via Qualtrics
Monday, September 11, 2023
4:00 PM
Nomination Period Closes
Monday, September 11, 2023
SGPS Council Nomination Ratification Via Email
Wendesday, September 13, 2023
12:01 AM
Campaign Period Begins
Friday, September 15, 2023
5:30 PM
Candidate Q&A On Zoom
Monday, September 18, 2023
11:59 PM
Campaign Period Ends
Tuesday, September 19, 2023
12:01 AM
Voting Days Ballots will be sent to SGPS members via SimplyVoting
Wednesday, September 20, 2023
11:59 AM
Thursday, September 21, 2023
9:00 AM (approx.)
Announcement / Notification Via Phone and Email
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
12:00 PM
Campaign Expenses Due Via email to director@sgps.ca

All of the steps listed below must be completed in full prior to the end of the nomination period.

Late nominations or signatures will not be accepted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact elections@sgps.ca

Step One

In order for an SGPS member to be nominated for the position of Graduate Student Trustee, the prospective Candidate must submit answers to the following questions.

These answers should be submitted in Microsoft Word .docx or Adobe .pdf format to the SGPS Chief Returning Officer (elections@sgps.ca) prior to proceeding to Step Two.

Please note, as is stated above, all of the steps listed below must be completed in full prior to the end of the nomination period, which will take place on September 11, 2023 @ 4:00 PM.

Late nominations or signatures will not be accepted.

Part A – Candidate Information (REQUIRED)
Provide the following information:

  1. Position sought by the Candidate
  2. Candidate’s Name
  3. Candidate’s Student Number
  4. Candidate’s Address
  5. Candidate’s Telephone
  6. Candidate’s Email
  7. Candidate’s Department
  8. Candidate’s Degree Program

Part B – Campaign Manager Information (OPTIONAL)
Please note, candidates are not required to have a campaign manager. If a candidate wishes to have a campaign manager, they must provide the following information.

  1. Campaign Manager’s Name
  2. Campaign Manager’s Student Number
  3. Campaign Manager’s Address
  4. Campaign Manager’s Telephone
  5. Campaign Manager’s Email
  6. Campaign Manager’s Department
  7. Campaign Manager’s Degree Program

Part C – Candidate Description (REQUIRED)
In this space, outline yourself as a candidate, your relevant experience for the role, as well as any major or key promises you would like to deliver on should you be elected to your chosen position.
Answers will be posted on the SGPS website during the campaign period.
This part must be limited to 300 words.

Part D – Candidate Headshot (REQUIRED)
Please provide a candidate headshot as a separate email attachment, do not embed the photo within the word document, for use on the SGPS website to accompany your short candidate description.

Step Two

Nomination Form and Signatures
Candidates are required to obtain the consent of 25 SGPS members in order for their name to be placed on the ballot.

An SGPS member is defined is as any Graduate Student or Professional Student at Queen’s University who has paid the SGPS Society fee within the current academic year. If an individual is uncertain regarding their membership status they can use this fee statement tutorial from the University Registrar’s Office to confirm their status.

Members consenting to the nomination of a candidate will be authenticated with their Queen’s NetID through a secure Qualtrics form administrated by the SGPS election team.

We strongly recommend that candidates endeavour to get more than 25 individuals to complete the form linked below, in case there is an issue with an individual’s submission.

Candidates have the discretion to distribute the form as required. We strongly encourage candidates to distribute the form themselves to increase the legitimacy of the correspondence and the confidence SGPS members have in opening the link.

The following link allows individuals to complete the signature form:


Please note, the link to collect signatures will not open until the start of the nomination period.

Questions? Contact elections@sgps.ca