SGPS Event Sanctioning

An Update Regarding Event Sanctioning

September 3, 2021

Please note that this update does not apply to previously approved in-person orientation activities.

The Co-Curricular Restart Advisory Group (CRAG) was formed in spring 2021 to oversee possible in-person student led co-curricular activities. This group reports through the Fall Operations Planning Working Group and provides guidance, oversight and approval for the gradual re-introduction of in-person activities organized by student clubs and societies.

In June, an update was provided to you regarding the formation of this new temporary group formed to oversee any student-led in-person non-academic activity for the Fall semester. 

In August, the Provincial Government extended the timeline for Step 3 in the Re-Opening Ontario Plan. Last week, there was an announcement of the requirement for all universities and colleges to implement vaccine policies, as there are concerns around rising cases across the country. Additionally, this week, Minister Tapp announced that while some adjustments would be made to the Step 3 for instructional activities, those adjustments do not apply to other activities, including co-curricular activities.

As a result, the university must maintain the current guidelines on student-led co-curricular activities.

As a reminder:

  • All student-led co-curricular activities must be offered virtually. We expect this rule to be in place until at least October 31, 2021. This applies to student-led activities indoors and outdoors.
  • This decision has been made to align with Ministry requirements related to capacity limits and physical distancing for non-academic activities, to prioritize in-person learning, and as a result of the limited number of spaces on campus that can accommodate activities with physical distancing.
  • Plans for all in-person, student-led activities on campus post October 31, 2021 will continue to be guided by KFL&A Public Health, provincial regulatory requirements and university priorities of in class activities. We will continue to update and assess as the public health situation evolves over the course of the fall term. 

Public Health/Government/University Requirements:

  • No events or activities can take place over 100 people
  • All events and activities that may be considered for approval must be outside
  • Non-medical masks will be required outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained and in all indoor spaces
  • Handwashing and hygiene protocols will remain in place
  • All attendees must comply with university vaccination policies

It is anticipated that CRAG will begin considering applications for in-person, student-led events in late October 2021.

In addition to Event Sanctioning Forms by the AMS and SGPS, approval from CRAG will continue to be required for any student-led in-person events  to ensure they align with public health guidance, provincial regulations, and university protocols.

COVID-19 safety measures will be required to be documented in the Event Sanctioning Form applications. CRAG will follow-up to confirm the required safety measures closer to October 31.

Further updates will be released in early October, or as Provincial Guidelines adjust.

Any activities through student-led co-curricular activities must remain in a virtual setting unless approved through CRAG.

Virtual events must go through AMS/SGPS (as appropriate) Online Event Sanctioning at least two weeks prior to the intended event date.