SGPS Finance and Services Committee Member Application

Please note, this application is for individuals who are interested in serving on the SGPS Finance and Services Committee.
This is not a Financial Assistance application.
Please direct all questions to

What does the SGPS Finance Committee do?
The committee works in collaboration with the SGPS VP Finance. The committee is essential for the evaluation of applications for financial assistance and sponsorship requests.

What is the Time Commitment?
The committee runs from June 2024 until April 2025. The committee will review applications on a bi-weekly basis with a potential for a monthly meeting with the VP Finance for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What Skills are Necessary?
The committee will be orientated in June, and meetings will occur over Zoom. It is recommended that committee members have an interest in leadership, finance, and most importantly, in helping fellow SGPS members.

Are Committee Members Compensated?
Committee members are compensated based on participation. The more you participate, the higher your honorarium. The maximum honorarium that can be received (encompassing June 2024 to April 2025) is $600.