The classification of Student Fees into the categories of Mandatory and Optional is governed by the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities “Tuition Fee Framework and Ancillary Fee Guidelines for Publicly-Assisted Universities”.

Group Fee Amount
Athletics and Recreation
Allows for the usage of athletics and recreation facilities by SGPS members and their participation in recreational clubs, intramurals, and health and wellness sessions.
Ban Righ Centre
The Ban Righ Centre provides various academic supports to mature students at Queen’s University who identify as female. Funds from this fee support student advising, faculty mentoring, and a writing studio program. The centre provides a strong peer community and space for students to complete individual and group academic work in a welcoming, inclusive environment.
Annual transit pass for students.
Campus Observation Room
A confidential, non-judgmental space for intoxicated students to reduce the risks of alcohol-related harms. A harm reduction program run by Student Wellness Services with KHSC (hospital). Staffing by hospital staff, and trained student volunteers. Staff assess, monitor and refer if warranted. Fees support operations- primarily hospital staff salaries, and student volunteer training.
Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre
Supports Indigenous graduate student’s academic success through our SAGE (Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement) Writing Retreat. Students are able to connect with a writing instructor and mentor throughout the week-long retreat to receive feedback on their writing.
JDUC Redevelopment
JDUC redevelopment means a 4000-square foot graduate-student wing that will be designed by and for graduate students. In addition, it will deliver 122,000 square feet of new high-quality space, 3,200 square feet of new club space, one floor dedicated to new event/conference space and 8,800 square feet of new study space.
SGPS Peer Academic Advisors (formerly known as the SGPS Student Advisors)
A free and confidential service which provides academic advice, strategies for self-advocacy and referrals regarding academic issues to Graduate and Professional students at Queen’s University.
SGPS Peer Academic Advisors Admin Fee
The administrative and overhead fees associated with the delivery of SGPS Peer Academic Advisor services.
Student ID Validation
The SGPS validation sticker on the back of every Graduate and Professional Students ID Card is the tool used to identify whether individuals are fee-paying students. This sticker allows them access to several essential services including but not limited to the ARC and Bus-It.
Student Life Centre
The Student Life Centre is comprised of the John Deutsch University Centre, 51 Bader Lane, MacGillivray-Brown Hall, MacCorry student street, and the Queen’s Centre. Collectively these buildings provide over 10,500 sq m. of assignable space and facilities for student community governance and operations. Additionally, these buildings collectively constitute the principal location for the essential student focused programs and services.
Student Life Centre Admin Fee
The administrative and overhead fees associated with the Student Life Centre.
Student Wellness Services
Supports the personal, academic, and social development of students at Queen’s University by providing a range of programs and services. Their mission is to provide a welcoming, confidential, and integrated service that is responsive to the needs of students.
Walkhome is a completely student-run, anonymous and confidential safety service that provide safe walks to students both on campus and within the Kingston community. The funds from this fee go towards the overall operating budget, contributing to help ensure the comfort of individuals as they go from destination to destination, after hours.