March 22, 2022

SGPS Executive Statement Regarding the Graduate Peer Support Centre

The Graduate Peer Support Centre was created to offer peer-to-peer-based support for graduate and professional students. Although the GPSC was created in good faith to support our members’ mental health, the GPSC struggled with low visitation rates and high operational costs. In December 2021, the SGPS council voted to close the GPSC after extensive consultation with students. The $3.00 GPSC fee will be refunded to students, and the fee will not be collected in future years. Graduate and Professional Students who want support from their peers are encouraged to reach out to the SGPS’ Peer Academic Advisors service. While “Academic” is currently in the title, our advisors are trained to speak to you about a variety of issues and can offer referrals to other services as necessary. This service will be rebranded in the near future to ensure that these expanded responsibilities are clear. We also encourage our members to utilize the EmpowerMe program and our Mental Health Bursary should they need additional support. The closure of the GPSC in no way takes away or diminishes the hard work of our GPSC coordinators and volunteers. We are incredibly thankful for their service and dedication to improving the mental health of graduate and professional students.