Each group that receives an Optional Fee so that you can make an educated decision. All of these organizations are not for profit, and use their collected fees in making a positive difference in our community. Also, many of these groups are currently seeking volunteers so if you support their mandate please contact them to get involved!

Group Fee Amount
Camp Outlook $1.00
CFRC 101.9 FM $7.50
HIV and AIDS Regional Services $1.00
Kingston Coalition Against Poverty $2.50
Kingston Loving Spoonful Charity $2.00
Kingston Youth Shelter Project $1.00
Levana Gender Advocacy Centre $0.81
Ontario Public Interest Research Group – Kingston $4.66
Oxfam Queen’s $0.87
Queen’s Daycare $1.00
Queen’s International Affairs Association $1.00
Queen’s International Student Society Bursary Program $0.71
Reelout Arts Project $1.80
Sexual Assualt Crisis Centre $1.25
Telephone Aid Line Kingston $0.75
The Grad Club $20.00
Union Gallery $3.00