The SGPS Peer Academic Advisor program is here to help graduate and professional students navigate the complexities of being a graduate or a professional student during their time at Queen’s.

Many questions can arise throughout seeking a graduate or a professional degree related to funding, academic resources at the University, communication strategies in personal and professional settings, and more.

As graduate and professional students ourselves, we understand that life as a student can be unpredictable. Sometimes the student-supervisor relationship isn’t what you expected it to be. Financial concerns can be overwhelming. You may have failed a course, or perhaps you want to appeal a grade or some other academic decision. Maybe you just want some extra support through a difficult time.

Our goal is to empower students by confidentially working with them to develop a plan to solve their issues. Seeking a graduate or a professional degree can be very complicated, and the Peer Academic Advisors are here to help.

Contact the SGPS Peer Academic Advisors at for free, confidential help today.

All correspondence with the Program (which is compromised of all the Advisors and the SGPS Executive Director) is entirely confidential. We cannot share your information with anyone unless we receive written permission from you.