The SGPS Peer Academic Advisors is a free and confidential service which provides advice, strategies for self-advocacy and referrals for academic issues to Graduate and Professional students at Queen’s University. Our Peer Academic Advisors are fellow Graduate and Professional students and they work to help you navigate many of the issues you may face while you are working towards your educational goals.

Our Advisors provide a safe, non-judgemental listening ear for you to share your academic concerns in a confidential, supportive environment. However, because we are a peer-based service we are unable to act as professional counselors or provide legal advice. If an issue extends beyond the Program’s competencies, Advisors will seek permission from you to refer you to a service which is better suited to meet your needs.

To contact the SGPS Peer Academic Advisors, email Your email will directly go to the Program Administrator who will, depending on the nature of your issue, set you up with an Advisor or refer you to another service that can provide more appropriate assistance. If you are referred to an Advisor, the Advisor will contact you to set up an appointment. During your first appointment, your Advisor will have you sign a Confidentiality Agreement that explains who can see your information and how we protect your information.

All correspondence with the Program (which is compromised of all the Advisors and the Program Administrator) is entirely confidential. We cannot share your information with anyone unless we receive written permission from you.