SGPS ancillary fees (otherwise known as student activity fees) are established at a referendum.
The SGPS Health and Dental Plan fees are automatically assessed only in September and January.

Automatically Assessed Fees

  • Students with full-time status in the School of Graduate Studies
  • JD Candidates with full-time status in the Faculty of Law
  • Teacher Candidates with full-time status in the Faculty of Education
  • Med students will full-time status in the School of Medicine
  • MBA students are assessed AMS Activity Fees, not SGPS Activity Fees

Exemptions From Automatic Assessment

  • Students with off-campus status
  • Students with part-time status
  • Students on leave or who start leave in September
  • Senior Citizens (age 65 or older)
  • Students registered in some specialized programs, including those that do not take place on campus at Queen’s University in Kingston

To check what fees you have been assessed, look at this fee statement tutorial from the University Registrar’s Office.
If you have any questions about your fees, please contact the University Registrar at (613) 533-6894.

2023 - 2024 SGPS Student Activity Fees

Otherwise known as “Ancillary Fees”

  • Mandatory Student Activity Fees – fees that a student is required to pay on a yearly basis in order to enroll at Queen’s University.
  • Optional Student Activity Fees – fees that are assessed to support services and activities for organizations both on campus and within the Kingston community.
  • Faculty / Department Specific Fees – fees that a student may be required to pay on a yearly basis in order to enroll in their faculty/department, depending on the classification of the fee by the faculty/department.
  • SGPS Health and Dental Plan Feesclick here to learn about your SGPS Health and Dental Plan fees.

2023 - 2024 SGPS Mandatory Student Activity Fees

The fees listed below are applicable to September start, full-time students only. January start, full-time students are charged the fees listed below at two-thirds the amount.
Alma Mater Society Food Bank
Serves as a confidential and non-judgmental food service to members of the Queen’s community, which aims to provide clients with food services in the most comfortable environment possible.


Athletics and Recreation
Allows for the usage of athletics and recreation facilities by SGPS members and their participation in recreational clubs, intramurals, and health and wellness sessions.


Ban Righ Centre
The Ban Righ Centre provides several academic supports to mature women at Queen’s University who identify as female. These supports include student advising, faculty mentoring and a writing studio program. The centre provides a strong peer community and space for students to complete their academic work in a welcoming, inclusive environment.


Bus It
Annual Kingston Transit pass for students.


Campus Observation Room
A harm-reduction program aimed at reducing the risk of alcohol-related injury by assessing and monitoring intoxicated students and referring them to a medical facility when warranted. Student Wellness Services run this non-medical detox service with the support of Hotel Dieu Hospital’s detox staff.
This fee has returned to its pre-COVID amount for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Canadian Federation of Students
A bilingual national union of over one-half million students from more than 64 university and college students’ unions across Canada creates space and opportunity for students across the country and province to join together in creating change and winning victories on- and off-campus.


Centre for Teaching and Learning
Provides resources, programming, professional teaching development opportunities and consultations on all aspects of teaching and curriculum development for all members of the teaching community at Queen’s, including Graduate students serving as Teaching Assistants.


Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre
Supports Indigenous graduate students’ academic success through our SAGE (Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement) Writing Retreat. Students can connect with a writing instructor and mentor throughout the week-long retreat to receive feedback on their writing.


JDUC Redevelopment
JDUC redevelopment means a 4000-square foot graduate-student wing that will be designed by and for graduate students. In addition, it will deliver 122,000 square feet of new high-quality space, 3,200 square feet of new club space, one floor dedicated to new event/conference space and 8,800 square feet of new study space.


Queen’s International Student Society Bursary Program
Contributes towards the overall financial assistance the University can direct towards supporting international students who experience financial difficulty.


Queen’s Legal Aid
The oldest and largest of the Queen’s clinic programs, Queen’s Legal Aid (QLA) has been a vital part of the Faculty of Law’s service to the community for decades. Working closely with Legal Aid Ontario, QLA provides students with real-world experience through a vast range of legal tasks and challenges as part of the QLA team.


Sexual Health Resource Centre
The SHRC is an education-driven sexual health information and referral service. The primary goal of the SHRC is to work towards and provide upstream health care initiatives relating to sexual health which includes prevention campaigns, education workshops and providing access to barrier methods.


SGPS Commission Fee
This fee is in support of the SGPS’ Athletics & Wellness Commission; Equity & Diversity Commission; Indigenous Graduate Liaison; International Affairs Commission; and Social Commission, which provide events and initiatives that foster awareness; provide support; promote a work/life balance; as well as build and maintain a spirit of community between SGPS members as they reach their academic goals.
The SGPS Commission Fee is being collected at it’s pre-COVID amount.


SGPS Student Advisors
A free and confidential service which provides academic advice, strategies for self-advocacy and referrals regarding academic issues to Graduate and Professional students at Queen’s University.


SGPS Society Fee
The SGPS represents and advocates for students at all levels of University and lobbies the federal, provincial and municipal governments on issues crucial to the well-being and success of graduate and professional students. Elected representatives participate in the governance of the University Senate, the Board of Trustees, the University Council and over 40 University Committees. The SGPS also facilitates numerous services and programs, including Health & Dental Insurance and the SGPS Student Advisors program (formerly SGPS Peer Academic Advisors). Members of the SGPS receive access to all SGPS events and programming and may access SGPS Financial Assistance and grants.


Student Life Centre
The Student Life Centre comprises the temporary space used during the John Deutsch University Centre construction, 51 Bader Lane, MacGillivray-Brown Hall, MacCorry student street, and the Queen’s Centre. Collectively these buildings provide assignable space and facilities for student community governance and operations. These buildings collectively constitute the principal location for essential student-focused programs and services.


Student Wellness Services
Supports the personal, academic, and social development of students at Queen’s University by providing a range of programs and services. Their mission is to provide a welcoming, confidential, and integrated service that is responsive to the needs of students.


The Queen’s Journal
A completely student-run newspaper at Queen’s, they currently publish a weekly print edition and regular online content throughout the year. The paper’s staff comprises a handful of dedicated volunteers and staff, including graduate students, that write, edit, design, and photograph all of their content.


Walkhome is a student-run, completely anonymous and confidential safety service that provides safe walks to students both on campus and within the Kingston community.


Work Study Program
Provides students with demonstrated financial need with the opportunity to receive priority for certain part-time jobs during their studies.


World University Services Canada Queen’s
Aims to build a supportive environment for refugee students who come to Queen’s through a scholarship package for refugees sponsored by the Student Refugee Support Program while also raising awareness for various other global development issues through on-campus initiatives.


2023 - 2024 SGPS Optional Student Activity Fees

The fees listed above are applicable to September start, full-time students only. January start, full-time students are not assessed optional fees.
Camp Outlook
Encourages young people from 13 to 17 years old to develop their inner strength, self-worth, and capacity to succeed through extended backcountry canoe expeditions free of charge. Campers are referred by a social agency or school so youth, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, may go to camp.


CFRC 101.9 FM
Kingston’s only campus & community radio station, this is a not-for-profit, volunteer-powered media outlet that offers diverse music and spoken word programming 24/7 and provides free broadcast skills training and experience to members of the community.


HIV and AIDS Regional Services
Provides comprehensive services including education, prevention and support for people living with, at risk of, or affected by HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infectious diseases in addition to advocating for broader social change to reduce stigma and discrimination.


Kingston Youth Shelter Project
Strives to make a difference in the lives of homeless youth by offering a safe and supportive emergency shelter that encourages their growth and provides them with access to community resources.


Ontario Public Interest Research Group – Kingston
A student-driven centre for community-based research, education, and action supporting social and environmental justice. Works to support critical research that is used to develop educational materials and campaigns that create lasting change.


Queen’s Daycare
Provides high quality, affordable childcare that is responsive to the needs of families within the community of Queen’s University.


Reelout Arts Project
Celebrates queer media arts and contributes to community vitality by programming materials that focus on issues of sexuality, race, culture, religion, class, gender, ability, health and age, thereby purposefully drawing together and initiating challenging dialogue among both the larger Kingston community and the queer community.


Sexual Assault Centre Kingston
Provides free, confidential, non-judgemental support for all survivors of recent and/or historic sexual violence. They also work to educate individuals and organizations on the impact of sexual violence, while organizing and advocating for systemic and social change required to end sexual violence.


Telephone Aid Line Kingston
Provides a confidential, anonymous, and non-judgmental listening support service for all members of the Kingston community and surrounding area. The service is entirely volunteer run and provides distress, crisis, befriending and information support.


The Grad Club
Provides a safe, inclusive, environmentally friendly, and dedicated space on campus for the graduate and professional student community at Queen’s and offers a variety of benefits and contributions to the wider Queen’s community.


Union Gallery
An organization committed to increasing awareness and appreciation of contemporary art, to supporting excellence in the arts, and to creating a place where students and emerging artists can work with professionals to obtain skills training and career development in the visual arts.


Mandatory Faculty/Department Specific Fees 2023 - 2024
Computing Graduate Society
The Queen’s Graduate Computing Society (QGCS) strives to enhance the social environment and facilitate how students can contribute to the School of Computing. Additionally, QGCS serves to represent the interests of its members to the School of Computing staff, faculty and administration.


Education Graduate Student Society
EGSS hosts a number of events throughout the year, including social events, academic events, and networking opportunities which are funded through this fee. This includes their annual End of Year Formal and academic writing workshops. All fee proceeds go towards events as the council is comprised of volunteers.


Part-Time Education Graduate Student Society
EGSS hosts a number of events throughout the year, including social events, academic events, and networking opportunities which are funded through this fee. This includes their annual End of Year Formal and academic writing workshops. All proceeds of the fee go towards events as the council is comprised of volunteers.


Public Health Sciences Student Association
Provides exciting programming to graduate students in Epidemiology, Public Health, and Biostatistics throughout the year. Events include orientation week activities, professional development opportunities, social gatherings, and more. Student fee funding is vital to allowing them to provide you with high-quality events during your time at Queen’s.


Rehabilitation Therapy Society Student Council
The Rehabilitation Therapy Student Society provides students within the School of Rehabilitation opportunities to participate in various events, connect with faculty, and be student leaders. Through our work, we provide funding and opportunities for further training, building interprofessional relationships, and many more valuable experiences.


School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Graduate Student Council
The GSC fee will be used to reduce the cost and subsidize the down payment of GSC-sanctioned events to foster more accessible events and increase participation. Examples of events include but are not limited to, Orientation Week, euchre tournaments, and trivia nights.
The School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Graduate Student Council fee is being charged at its pre-COVID amount with an increase due to CPI.


Queen’s Graduate Association of Planning Students
QGAPS is an elected decision-making body representing the collective interest of graduate students in the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Queen’s University. They promote an inclusive, supportive academic and social community. They also liaise with program faculty and external planning-related bodies crucial to your professional success.


SGPS Optional Faculty Specific Fees 2023 - 2024
Graduate Geography Student Council
The GGSC fee is charged to full-time Geography graduate students and goes towards the funding of events and programs run by the Council.
The Graduate Geography Student Council fee is being charged at its pre-COVID amount.


SGPS Mandatory Consecutive Education Fees 2023 - 2024
SGPS Student Advisors
A free and confidential service that provides academic advice, strategies for self-advocacy, and referrals regarding academic issues to Graduate and Professional students at Queen’s University.


Education Students Society
The Education Students Society (ESS) is the student government for the 5th year Bachelor of Education students at Queen’s. Fees will go to cover events and the organization of professional workshops. The ESS has and will continue to ensure that all Education students feel welcomed at Queen’s and have the best experience possible.
The Education Students Society fee is being charged at its pre-COVID amount.


Please note, Consecutive Education students are assessed the entire SGPS Mandatory and Optional fee slates. Due to the unique nature of their program, they pay an adjusted fee for the SGPS Student Advisors only. All other fees should be charged as normal.

SGPS Mandatory Faculty of Law Fees 2023 - 2024
Law Students’ Society Clubs and Committees
This fee supports LSS clubs and committees to fund their events. Each club/committee is allocated a set amount of money at the beginning of the year and must show allowable expenses in order to be reimbursed for this amount.


Law Students’ Society Events and Administration
This fee goes towards the general administration of the LSS including bank fees and promotion. Further, it supports LSS hosted events such as club’s day and student awards ceremonies.


Law Formal
This fee will contribute to both Law semi-formal and graduation formal events that are held annually and which any law student can attend.


Law Students’ Society Student and Group Financial Support
This fee will contribute to both a “spot-you-one” fund and a discretionary fund. These funds serve 2 purposes: by enabling students in need of financial assistance to participate in LSS club and committee events and external conferences by providing them bursaries to make costs more affordable; and through supporting unique student initiatives which were not previously contemplated on the formation of the initial budget.


SGPS Mandatory School of Medicine Fees 2023 - 2024
“Being a Medical Student” Program
Inter-year peer tutoring and support sessions that address the unique challenges of being a medical student.
The “Being a Medical Student” Program fee is being charged at its pre-COVID amount.


Building Maintenance
Fund to make improvements and maintain student spaces in the School of Medicine Building.


Canadian Federation of Medical Students (charged to first-year students only)
This is your one-time membership fee to join the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), which represents medical students from 15 member schools. The CFMS advocates for medical learner issues and also provides exclusive member discounts, grants for student initiatives, leadership awards, and opportunities for international exchanges and advocacy training.


Career Explorations Sessions
Information sessions and workshops that allow students to explore the various specialties within medicine.


Class Transfers
Class councils’ budget to run class-specific events and initiatives.


Optional School of Medicine Fees 2023 - 2024
New Medical Building
Contribution in support of Aesculapian Society’s pledge of $500,000 towards the construction of the new medical building.


Click here to learn about your SGPS Health and Dental Plan fees.

Currently, this website reflects the 2022 – 2023 rates, but it will be updated in the coming weeks.