Looking for benefit information?

To find information regarding the Health and Dental Plan, including benefit details, online claim submission, eligible drug search, live chat assistance & more, please visit http://www.studentvip.ca/sgps.

Please contact (info@studentvip.ca) if you have any questions about claims or the Health and Dental Plan.

Some dental offices, pharmacies etc. will be able to file your claim electronically when you present them with your SGPS Health & Dental Plan Card. In these cases, you will be mailed a cheque and that’s it! only be responsible to pay for the portion of the service not covered by the plan, the rest will be sent to the insurance company directly!

If you are not able to file electronically at time of payment, you can submit a claim online at  www.studentvip.ca/sgps.

Please note, all claims for the 2016-2017 policy year must be submitted to RWAM Insurance before November 29th 2017.

If you are registered as a full-time, on-campus student

you are automatically assessed Health and Dental for

yourself in September. You do not need to opt yourself in.

For more information regarding opting yourself or your dependents into the SGPS Health and Dental plan, click here.

Please note, opt-ins will only be accepted during the following periods.

Time Period Who Can Opt-In
August 21 2017 – September 30 2017 All SGPS Members
January 8 2018 –  January 31 2018 SGPS members starting their programs in January 2018 only
May 1 2018 – May 31 2018 B.Ed Candidates only

Students who wish to enroll dependents into their health and dental plan must do so within a month of their enrollment of either September or January, only. We will not accept opt ins at any other time of the year.

As of September 2016 the SGPS will no longer be accepting opt-ins from Articling Students, Postdocs, RMC Students and SGPS Members that have graduated.

If you are a former SGPS Member, seeking coverage post-graduation check out www.queensu.ca/alumni/services-and-benefits/benefits

For information regarding the 2017 – 2018 opt-out period, please click here.

Students coming to Queen’s in January 2017 or May 2017 are not automatically assessed fees for the SGPS Health and Dental Plan. You must contact us at healthdental@sgps.ca if you wish to opt-in.

The SGPS is not involved with UHIP

Any and all questions regarding UHIP should be directed to the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC).

Your spouse and children are not automatically enrolled in the SGPS Plan.

You have to opt your spouse and children in separately within the Opt-In timeline provided.

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