SGPS Services are only available to current SGPS Members.

To check if you have been assessed the SGPS Society Fee, look at this fee statement tutorial from the University Registrar’s Office. If you have any fee questions, please get in touch with the University Registrar at (613) 533-6894.

The SGPS Student Advisor program is a free and confidential service which provides advice, strategies for self-advocacy and referrals to Graduate and Professional students at Queen’s University. Our Advisors are fellow Graduate and Professional students and they work to help you navigate many of the issues you may face while you are working towards your educational goals.

The Sexual Health Resource Centre is a confidential, non-judgmental, sex positive, pro-choice, queer positive, non-heterosexist and feminist information and referral service for questions regarding sex, sexuality and sexual health.  We also offer the sale of at-cost safer sex products and toys.  Our centre is staffed by trained volunteers who are knowledgeable about the products we sell and respond to client inquiries made in person or by telephone.

The SGPS is proud to provide financial support to our membership through our Financial Assistance Program and Grants.

The SGPS provides registered Departmental Student Councils with financial assistance and event sanctioning.

The SGPS is proud to support our membership in pursuing safe and inclusive activities that better their time spent at Queen’s. The SGPS event planning guide allows for our members to plan safe, fun events!
Check out our event planning guide and event registration form by clicking the button below.

The ISIC gets you discounts in Canada and around the world and demonstrates you’re a full-time student (which is handy when people don’t recognize your student card). Each year over 4.5 million ISICs are distributed around the world to students just like you.

The AMS/SGPS Food Bank provides a reliable and confidential service to ensure that Queen’s students can be healthy and productive as they pursue academic achievement. They also seek to address the underlying causes of poverty so as to alleviate, and ultimately eliminate poverty amongst Queen’s community members. The Centre also works closely with other relevant organizations in the Queen’s and Kingston community.

The Athletics and Recreation Centre (ARC) is your home for campus recreation and athletics at Queen’s. Every full-time SGPS student has a membership at the ARC and can enjoy access to the state of the art facility with the swipe of their student card.

As a part of our supporting active and healthy living among our membership, the SGPS has partnered up with GoodLife to provide our members with discounted rates to join the GoodLife gym. Your Goodlife membership is good across Canada, which is perfect if you have to do fieldwork or go on a practicum. When you join, you are also eligible to have a partner join as well!

We are listed as “Queen’s Graduate & Professional Students” on the Goodlife registration page.

Comprised of 250+ unique clubs and 9,000+ students getting involved each year, the clubs community is an integral part of the Queen’s experience. Clubs not only enhance student life, but provide opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the Queen’s and Kingston community. No matter what you’re interested or passionate about, there’s something for everyone to get involved!